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Natural Product Chemistry Laboratory

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Living organisms (animals, plants, algae, fungi, etc.) produce organic molecules with a wide variety of chemical structures. These are generally called "natural products", and we are focusing on the chemical synthesis of natural products and its derivatives to advance research and development of new medicines, agrochemicals, cosmetics, flavorings, and nutritional supplements. We also study correlations between chemical structures and bioactivities (Structure-Activity Relationships) to develop functionally superior molecules. Throughout the research, we endeavor to reduce the number of synthetic steps, cumbersome purification, harmful solvents, undesirable byproducts and waste materials, from the viewpoint of "green chemistry" requisite for the advanced organic synthesis of the 21st century.

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Research content

Specialty: Natural Product Chemistry, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Environmental Organic Chemistry

Trees and molecules

Synthesis of natural products

Keywords: total synthesis, structure determination, biosynthetic pathway, structure-activity relationship, drug lead compounds, food functions

Many of the active ingredients of medicines and agrichemicals that protect human health and life are provided by "chemical synthesis" with reference to the structures of natural products. We are investigating efficient methods for synthesizing these bioactive molecules by developing new reactions and strategies. We also focus on understanding of food functions by synthesizing trace amounts of ingredients and elucidating their biological activities. "Chemical synthesis" is a creative academic discipline that allows us to manipulate materials on an atomic basis and fundamentally change the properties and functions of materials. Through chemical synthesis, we aim to not only clarify the structures and biosynthetic pathways of natural products but design and develop new molecules that are superior to natural products and useful for society.

Green synthesis method

Keywords: green solvents, short-step synthesis, one-pot reaction, photoreaction, utilization of abundant natural products

The synthetic organic chemistry industry in the 21st century requires special attention to the global environment. In this regard, the development of new reactions and reactants with less environmental impact, and the improvement of entire synthesis processes including reactors and technical procedures are of important. Our laboratory aims to develop "green organic synthesis methods", paying special attention to reaction solvents and synthesis/purification processes. We will also work on the short-step synthesis of complex molecules from abundant natural products using efficient molecular conversion reactions.

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