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To everyone who hopes to be assigned

About Natural Product Chemistry Laboratory

Our laboratory targets molecules related to regular life and human healthcare, and we use "organic synthesis technologies" to achieve our objectives.

"Synthetic organic chemistry" that constitutes the core of research is the discipline of creating "molecules," which are the fundamental constituents of materials. Designing and synthesizing new molecules by yourself is the greatest attraction of this research field. If you can discover unprecedented, efficient synthetic methods for commercial molecules, your contributions lead to reduction of manufacturing costs and wastes, and therefore will be invaluable to society.


In the laboratory, we synthesize target molecules by employing a wide range of organic reactions, from basic reactions such as oxidation, reduction, addition, and elimination, which are mentioned in the textbook, to complex reactions such as using metallic reagents and asymmetric catalysts. Sometimes you need to find a new reaction by yourself. The road is steep, but you will be impressed when the reaction and synthetic method you designed are successful.
"Synthesis" may require a number of reaction steps (this is called "multi-step synthesis"). Therefore, it is necessary to have a patient and steadily attitude throughout your work.
The keys to success are careful observation and deep consideration. By looking at subtle changes in the color and state of the reaction solution, you have to consider what is happening inside the flask while imaging the structures of the molecules. Don't be discouraged if you don't get results you expected. There are always hints hidden in the failures, so you need to refresh your thinking and consider the results deeply again.
Research consists of "try & error". The more you experiment, the more new insights you will gain, so don't throw it out just because it doesn't work. Always be positive and set goals.
"Concentration" and "responsibility" are important. Make a daily plan and concentrate on your experiments and research in the laboratory. During experiments, read literature and books to acquire knowledge and techniques to advance your research. Please work with the spirit that "I will accomplish my research".

Sometimes it's important to relax. If your research does not proceed as you expected, don't worry alone. Let's discuss with your colleagues and a professor in your laboratory. Then, refresh your mind and communicate with your colleagues in your laboratory to discover various fun other than research.

Now, let's open the door of the laboratory!

For direct inquiries regarding the laboratory, please click the envelop icon to send an email to Prof. S.K.

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