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Visit of Dr. Louis Adriaenssens

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Dr. Louis Adriaenssens from the University of Lincoln (UoL) visited our laboratory!!

I visited UoL as a research fellow from April to August 2018. I worked with Louis and Martin at that time. More than four years passed and we met again in OIT!!

Dr. Adriaenssens is currently working as a supervisor of chemistry at Panasonic US Tesla Gigafactory (Nevada), and also as associate lecturer at UoL. I really respect his carrier.

Louis gave us a great lecture. He is basically organic chemist but his research covers wide area of chemistry including polymers, sensors and organic electronics. His lecture was great, and there were many questions after his excellent talk.

He also spent a time for research discussion with the students of our Laboratory and gave us valuable advice. I believe that it was a very meaningful and fruitful time for the students.

I hope that our friendship continues forever, and also hope that OIT and UoL have a good relationship.

Thanks, Louis!!


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