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Selected as a Cover Feature in Asian J. Org. Chem.!

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

"Potential Degradation of 4-Methyltetrahydropyran (4-MeTHP) under Oxidation Conditions" reported in Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry was selected as a Cover Feature in Volume 10.

It was my first time to post to such a cover art, encouraged by the positive reviewer's comments on this paper.

Although the suggested cover art was not selected as a front cover, I'm happy that my research result can be kept in such a beautiful figure.

By the way, this cover art is completely original by Kobayashi. I did all the ideas, photos, image processing, inserting diagrams, etc. myself. Can you read the intention that the solvent used in the epoxidation reaction contains some degradation products that could be detected in microanalysis?

The "old-style magnifying glass" shown in this figure was borrowed from Professor Syuji Fujii of our department. Thank you very much!


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