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A paper on the oxidative degradation of 4-MeTHP, a hydrophobic ether solvent, has been published!

4-Methyltetrahydropyran (4-MeTHP) is a next-generation recyclable ether solvent that can be applied to a wide variety of synthetic reaction methods.

Previous studies indicated that 4-MeTHP could degrade to some extent with certain oxidants, while the oxidation reactions themselves proceeded in good yields.

Here we disclose the potential oxidative degradation pathways of 4-MeTHP when exposed to selected organic-based and metal-based oxidants. Crude NMR analyses revealed that degradation of 4-MeTHP was initiated by C2– H abstraction, giving rise to C2- or C4-oxidized products or the C–C bond cleavage product depending on the oxidants used.

This study therefore illustrates possible degradation products of 4-MeTHP under oxidative conditions, which is particularly helpful in predicting and analyzing trace impurities when adopting 4-MeTHP or other ethereal solvents in industrial processes.


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