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Mushroom cultivation

As a person who researches the components of mushrooms, I felt that we must know how mushrooms grow, so I bought a commercially available mushroom cultivation kit for education.

What I bought this time is Mori no Mushroom Farm Series "Tamogitake".

First, start by removing the mycelium on the top of the block.

After about a week of watering morning and evening, splendid mushrooms grew.

I really appreciate Mori Sangyo, who developed this amazing kit, because everyone can manage cultivation very easily.

In particular, the change from the night of the 4th day to the 5th day, when the fruiting body began to grow, was amazing.

How can they grow so much in one day?

Harvested on the morning of the 8th day.

I put them in Nabeyaki Udon and it was delicious!

After harvesting, white spores adhere to the block.

We were able to easily observe the life cycle of mushrooms, and it was a lot of fun and we learned a lot.


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