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New members 2023

It's been one months since the new academic year started. Time has passed like a storm, and the Golden Week will start from this weekend.

"Eight" fourth-year students have been assigned, and they are all devoting themselves to their independent researches.

This morning, group photo was taken beside the Yodogawa River.

After taking photos, Prof. Kobayashi presented "Yamabushitake (Lion's mane mushroom)" to new members...

However, there is a big problem. . . .

"Yamabushitake" is a mushroom that is not often sold in stores. Yesterday, my wife luckily bought "seven" mushrooms.

So, one is lacking.....

So, in a hurry, we held a rock-paper-scissors tournament.

Only the person who won can get the mushroom.

The result is the photo below.

Now, who was the unlucky person who didn't get the mushroom?


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