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Presentation at 104th Annual Meeting of CSJ (2024)

Mr. Tanaka (M1), Mr. Tsuruyama (M1), and Mrs. Togo (B4) gave presentations at the "104th Spring Annual Meeting of CSJ (2024)" held at Funabashi Campus, Nihon University from March 18th to 21th. .

Oral presentation

・Total Syntheses of Hericenones with Amine or Amino Acid-Derived Functional Groups (Tanaka)

・Skeletal Rearrangement from the Grayanane to the Kalmanel Skeleton Based on the Biosynthetic Hypothesis (Tsuruyama)

・Biomimetic synthesis of fungal sterols featuring an isomerization reaction of ergosterol peroxide at room temperature (Togo)

I think all three of them were nervous as it was their first oral presentation, but they gave great presentations, including a Q&A session.

I hope that they will continue to grow by making use of this valuable experience.


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