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Invited lecture at CAOS-4

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

I gave a presentation at "CAOS-4 (Conference of Advanced Organic Chemistry)" as an invited speaker held at "National Yang Ming Chiao University" in Taiwan.

At National Yang Ming Chiao University, Professor Ilhyong Ryu, a boss in my previous affiliation (Osaka Prefecture University), is working as a chair professor, and he gave me a chance to talk my recent research.

I also owe Professor Yoshito Tobe, who is also currently working at NYCU as a chair professor after retirement of Graduate School of Fundamental Engineering, Osaka University, as one of organizers of this conference. CAOS is an exciting conference involving the lectures of overseas and domestic speakers to learn and discuss cutting-edge organic science. Due to COVID-19, I was unable to visit NYCU, but it was my good experience to give a remote presentation to overseas audiences. By the way, I'm good at using iPad in my class, but I do not getting used to giving a remote presentation with PowerPoint and remote tools. So, in fact, I was very nervous all the time during the presentation.

Next time, I should give remote presentation using double monitors, one is for checking internet connection.....

Thank you very much to everyone who carefully listened my talk.


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