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Cleaning & Christmas recreation!

There is one more week left this year.

It's a little bit early, but today is the last day of laboratory working of this year.

Cleaned up the laboratory together in the morning.

Both the bench and the sink became shiny.

And defrosting of the freezer.

It's a freezer that contains important samples, but it's also clean and refreshing.

As a Christmas celebration, I gave cakes to thank students for their hard work.

I said, "Please take your favorite cake and give back to me the one that remained".

The cheapest "pudding à la mode" is back. (laughs)

After that, the students enjoyed the element card game.

Due to the influence of COVID-19, there were no welcome party and events such as table tennis and softball, so it's only a short time, but I hope that students will deepen your friendship today.

I hope that every student will enjoy Christmas and New Year, and liven up our laboratory from the beginning of the next year.

Merry Christmas!!


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